The climate crisis requires all sectors of the economy to decarbonise rapidly and at scale.

The built environment sector represents 40% of the UK’s total emissions1 and is highlighted in the Committee on Climate Change Progress Report as offering some of the most cost effective opportunities to reduce emissions.2

UKGBC’s Climate Commitment Platform is intended to represent the built environment’s response to the climate crisis by mapping the climate commitments and carbon reduction targets of UKGBC members.

The main objectives of the platform are to:

  • Enable UKGBC members to showcase their company’s climate commitments.
  • Galvanise further action and ambition across the sector.
  • Share knowledge and promote consistent outcomes to achieve net zero emissions.

The platform also provides companies with guidance on the different scopes of emissions they should target, using UKGBC’s Climate Leadership Model. In this way, the platform encourages companies to look beyond operations within their direct control and to catalyse action throughout their value chain and wider influence.