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Headline Commitments Key
Own and operate 100% net zero carbon office space by 2030
Advocate for the entire built environment to be net zero carbon by 2050

Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment
Better Buildings Partnership Commitment

Advocacy & Influence

Bruntwood is a market leader in the design, build and management of net zero carbon buildings. Bruntwood will ensure that this knowledge is shared and disseminated through its membership of the UKGBC, presentations, blogs and buildings tours.

Bruntwood will continue to advocate for policy change through its support for the UKGBC and its efforts to lobby Government. At a local level in the cities which Bruntwood operates, it will support the further devolvement of powers to enable city regions to have further control of and a more personalised approach to the changes needed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Bruntwood will continue to be a part of innovative programmes of work which test the environment and need for change, such as city wide retrofit programmes, localised energy markets and support for SMEs.

Bruntwood will also introduce a climate change mitigation education programme for all employees and customers. Planned for launch in early 2020 the programme aims to ensure all employees understand the global issue of a warming world whilst knowing on a local level the changes they can make to have a positive effect for the long term. Customers will also be supported via a range of educational events, talks and roadshows. Bruntwood believes that education and knowledge sharing will be key to unlocking the innovations needed to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Carbon Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management Certified