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Headline Commitments Key
Reduce annual carbon from production to 1.47 million tons or less (global target; by end 2019)
Reduce carbon from product usage by improving product performance by 35% (global target; by end 2019)
Contribute to reducing carbon from at least 127 product groups by 70 million tons (global target; by end 2019)

Science Based Target

Advocacy & Influence

For nearly 100 years, Mitsubishi Electric have manufactured ‘electrically driven products for the good of society’ and we are now at a point of transition to an economy that will have net zero emissions by 2050 which will see us move to electricity as the primary energy use and bring an end to the burning of fossil fuels. It will require collaboration and innovation across the whole building supply chain and at every stage of a building’s lifecycle.

In 2007, we knew that we needed to join the debate and get others to do so, as we described in our first iteration of our Green Gateway Initiative in the UK. With so much energy used in buildings and the associated emissions this generates, especially from the need to generate heat, we looked to engage more widely. This has resulted in the development of UK based R&D facilities and the plan to build a net zero energy building in Japan where we can test our many solutions to help achieve this goal.

We have just submitted our global carbon reduction targets to the Science Based Targets initiative for their approval, and our Learning Curve programme is delivering sustainability and renewable energy knowledge to primary school children across the country.

We are active members of the UK Green Building Council, having supported multiple initiatives over many years, including through our role as strategic partners to UKGBC’s leadership programmes. This involves our support and guidance in the development and delivery of the Future Leaders and Change Accelerator programmes, as well as the prestigious Leaders Network and upcoming Executive Leadership Programme.