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Headline Commitments Key
Commits to becoming a net zero organisation by 2030.
Aims to reduce overall energy use in owned offices by 20% by 2025 (relative to a baseline year of 2018).

Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment
Carbon Neutral Certified

Advocacy & Influence

Troup Bywaters + Anders is a signatory to Building Services Engineers Declare.

TB+A are continuing to advocate for the construction industry to transform by creating new pathways for low to zero carbon technologies and approaches that present a new lever for the property industry to achieve net zero emissions. They are also engaging externally and advocating for alignment with the UN SDG’s.

TB+A have also contributed to the LETI (London Energy Transformation Initiative) guide for new buildings, and for Retrofit of existing buildings. They are also engaging with suppliers to reduce upstream carbon intensity and will require them to publish their own net-zero carbon roadmaps, targets, and associated verification such as ISO 14001. As part of their whole-life service offering for design, construction, operation, and management of the built environment they will collaborate with customers to map net-zero roadmaps across all building sectors.

Additionally, TB+A’s GHG footprint has been verified using the ISO 14064 standard through their external Sustainability Partners, Bioregional.